Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Time Delights

What a nice surprise it was to drive by the lot where our future home will be build and see it clear.  We will have a smaller lot than our house in Charlotte and much less trees.  Cliff is excited about his future cutting less grass.

Here is Cliff standing more or less where the new drive way will be located.  He is excited because he will have to cut much less grass.  Take a look at the sandy clay ish soil...I suspect we will have a few palms in the yard although Cliff says nothing like we had in the other house.

It has been nice to explore and travel to Augusta, Georgia to enjoy the pretty sights along the Savannah river.  We have already been twice since it only takes us about 20 minutes.

Kevin came along with us on the first day and took this picture.
 We headed to the Mexican Restaurant, Mi Rancho nearby just beyond this point.  Not sure why my pictures look so dark along the right side and bottom.  Looks like Kevin is just floating!
 We finished our walk this evening and descended the stairs that take you to St Paul's Episcopal Church.
I am full filling my goal to use my left over stash of acrylic yarn and the perfect project is crochet motifs. 
A little sample as I try to figure out how to turn a circular motif into a square.  The challenge will be to join the motifs.
I will post soon the pattern to make the Puff Stitch Daisy and a video  tutorial.
~Today at church I heard something very uplifting and I will leave you with this~

Do not continue to look at your own circumstances but look to God's power (which is readily available to all who trust in Him)

"And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus."
Phillipians 4:19

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer is All I Want

What a great summer it has been so far!  I will take Summer anytime and I don't complain much of the heat.  Growing up in a hot and humid country has something to do.  During my last visit to the Grand Kids....I sure did enjoy swimming and cooling off in their neighborhood pool.  The only missing in the picture is Reed.  He decided he did not want to join in.  On the second pool day he finally did come in when he saw another baby in the pool (a baby girl, that is).  So cute but I have no pictures to show.
One of those days at the pool "Papa" Cliff brought the kids lunch from Wendy's.
This made Reed happy as you can see.  He sure has a more significant amount of hair as the summer goes and it looks so cute standing up.
One of my Summer time pleasures and destinations is the Farmer's Market.  Woodstock's proved to be a very nice even though we did not stay  very long since Andrea can't take the heat like I can.

The kids were very well behaved and went along not once complaining.  It is so nice to enjoy their company during our excursions outdoors.  Later on....this stops, so we enjoy their kid ways now.  Owen's grin is unique!  He is four.  Taite is at that "super lean" stage but oh so agile and energetic.  Me and Andrea have a weakness for Yummy smelling natural soaps!
I think this man was making more money in the Market.  He had a great set up making Crepes! Pretty good prices.  Wish I knew what the Popey one consisted of.  I would like to go back someday....maybe earlier when it is not so hot.  I love Crepes! 
As we were leaving we spotted an Electric Car.  I imagine this is a sight we will see more and more as people choose these types of "Green Cars."  Pretty cool.
Back in the house, morning Taite demonstrated his hand stands!  Wow...he really is fearless.  I can truly say he is the first in our family to attempt this.
Technology is very much part of this family.  Reed has a selfie video that he delights in seeing over and over.  He recorded it himself too.  Oh...No!!! There is no getting away from technology.
Notice the Ipad in the background.   
Like all little boys, he does like his cars.  We played together with his Police car.  Hair does stick up!
Worked on my Granny Square blanket during my visit.  This has been a successful way of using my left over Acrylic yarn.  I really like the white border and learned how to do it from from Bunny Mummy.   The Solid Granny square was super easy and quick to work and you are only dealing with one color on each square.  Here is a You Tube tutorial.  I have been thinking of making one different granny every day for one year, but have not made up my mind yet.  I am really trying not to buy much yarn until we make the final move to our new house.
I have finished this square size blanket!   

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Been Cooking Lately!

This is one of my favorite ways to cook green beans.  I picked up fresh ones at the Aiken Farmer's Market.  Bring up a pot of water to a boil and throw the green beans.  You will be blanching them...that is you only leave them in the hot water for a minute or so.  Drain the beans.  In a pan add a couple of tablespoons of Olive oil and brown a small amount of Sesame Seeds.  Be careful not to have the heat too high as the seeds brown quick.  Add the green beans, season with salt or your favorite seasoning making sure to coat the green beans with the seeds. Sesame Seeds are a power food and taste pretty good too!  There are so many benefits to list.  Read about the many benefits here.   A few people do have allergic reactions so make sure you read the information at the end.

One of my favorite places to visit while I worked at Matthews Library was the Royal Creperie and Cafe.  They make incredibly good tasting Crepes.  I am really going to miss this place and the owners, of course (Derek, Alexis and Elena).  There really isn't many places like this.  Well...were there is a will, there is a way.  During this last visit to my daughter, I made Crepes! Yes....a much smaller version, that is.  Crepes are versatile and keep nice and soft after you make them.  My favorite Crepe's filling consists of Spinach, black beans, avocado, cheese, onion and Pesto.
My smaller Version of Crepes!  Give it a try....they are fun to make.
My Sweet daughter also got in the kitchen and made Lotion Bars while I watched.   She is teaching me so many wonderful uses for Essential Oils.  I stand amazed at how many wonderful naturals products can be created in our kitchens.  The instructions to make these Lotion Bars can be found in her blog.  Just a few ingredients are needed and a small scale will be helpful to measure the quantities.  The resulting Lotion bar is safe to use the face preferably at night.


Puppets and Hulas!!

It was nice having a shorter drive to my daughter's house.  We enjoyed three days in the company of our sweet grandsons.  This is day 1  They are a J*O*Y and Sweet the only way boys can be.  On the first day, we decided to visit a few stores before dinner.  Luckily and very convenient too the school supply was nearby and it was up to my son in law to entertain the kids....and that he did.  He put together quite the puppet show.
Reed became attached to the hula ring....and he and I attempted conversation.  He really does try to put words together but I am not familiar with his language.  My daughter know exactly what he is saying.  He will be 2  this October.  
 Taite on the right seems amused as the Puppet show takes place and the Hula keeps Reed happy.  
We all enjoyed a delicious meal at one of Andrea's favorites: Olive Garden.  I thought the boys behaved super well and shared their beautiful smiles with me.
 Reed is  the master at making funny faces.  He is very much into pictures as you can see.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Dancing Owls

For the past couple of weeks I have been making these Petite Applique Owls.  I used Lion Brand Bon Bons yarn purchased at a Michael's Store in Matthews NC.  This yarn comes in acrylic and cotton.  I used the cotton variety and I just found out you can buy it from Amazon with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.  Yay!!  As you can see I have made quite a few hoots!! They were worked using my C 2.5 mm crochet hook.  So, I took the owls out of the Ziploc bag and they appeared to be dancing!

 This is the perfect traveling companion project and each owl has ended with its own unique personality.  The one at the top right picture has a different center...[a double crochet cluster] After making a few of the same, I find myself making changes in the pattern to create different eyes, wings, talons, etc....I also like to use buttons to dress them up (Got lucky finding the butterfly buttons in my buttons collection.) To achieve different looking wings, I use different picot patterns.  See my post on Picots for patterns.

I still have plenty yarn left in the wee little skeins to make a few more owls.
Making these little guys can become and obsession however....I have enjoyed using them to decorate cards.
 To make these cards, I simply add a small amount of glue to the back of the applique and add a hand written sentiment.  Such as---------------------------------^0^
 Yoo Hoo!! ~~~Miss Yoo!!


Monday, August 04, 2014

Exploring Farmer's Market in the Alley

On Thursday evening a small portion of the Farmer's Market moves from its Saturday location in downtown Aiken to what they call the Alley.  Quaint but very small indeed.  The weather was perfect for a stroll and a visit to the market.  It always feels good to support the local farmers.  The prices were not bad at all either.

Spotted just what I wanted at the very end of the alley!  My purchase included some of this amazing tomatoes, okra and green beans.  
We walked the streets of downtown Aiken and spotted an antique store loaded with treasures.  Kevin and I had fun trying on the vintage hats.  I did well not going after the nick knacks since I do not need to accumulate stuff again while living in the rental house. goodness did we have stuff to get rid of prior moving day.  Makes me want to become a minimalist.

I do have a saying ~ buy it if you need it.  The pitcher we ordered from Amazon came broken so I did purchase the cutest pitcher (reminds me a bit of my Fiesta pitcher) only this one has a lid and a stirring stick.  Cliff will be pleased to make his ice tea and store it in this one (stores just the right amount to drink fresh  tea) What do you think and it is red!! I love red in the kitchen.  Oh it has a plastic thing that screws to the top of the lid which you fill with water, freeze to keep your beverage chilled) Neat.  I made some Cinnamon green tea.
The Okra I made the next day turned delicious.  Super easy...go ahead and try it.  I even made the Garlic Hot Pepper Olive Oil as suggested by the recipe...but there is no need to do  this extra step.  No left overs left of this delicious and simple dish.  Click on the word here to follow the link.
The evening edition of the Aiken Farmer's Market ends at the end of August.  Read more information about the market...and stop by if you visit.  We are really having fun having Kevin around when we go on our excursions.